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Programs and Curriculum

Prepare for the Future

     Crossroads Academy offers a variety of options for children of all ages and academic levels. All lesson plans include group learning, technology, hands-on projects and real-life applications to enhance both academic achievement and positive social interactions.


Early Elementary and Elementary

The early elementary curriculum centers around language-rich, hands-on, inquiry-based learning activities that provide students with opportunities to develop and improve skills in reading, spelling, writing, math, science, and social studies. All students participate in daily language arts and math instruction in small ability-based groups and gather together to study science and social studies as a class through exploration and experimentation. The integration of subject matter, an integral component of our program, is used to make learning more meaningful to students. Students also enjoy physical education, art, music, and computer instruction.

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Middle and Secondary School

The middle and secondary school curriculum also includes a variety of transitional classes where students learn skills that prepare them for adult life.


Transitional courses offered include:

-Activities of Daily Livings in our Transition Apartment (located on campus)

-Career exploration

-Job training in the school

-Supervised job training in the community

-Office skills

-Cooking and nutrition


-Home repair

-Pet care

Students also continue to recieve art, music, physical education,

world language and computer literacy

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 Related Services at Crossroads Academy

Students are provided all IEP related services as per their IEP:

-Speech Therapy 

-Occupational Therapy

-Physical Therapy 

-Individual and group counseling

Teacher and Young Student

Family Connections

The home-school connection is an extremely important factor in a students' success. Teachers, counselors and the school director are in contact with parents on a regular basis and not just for "difficult" conversations. The goal is to reach out when things are going well also. We want to be more than just a school; we strive to be a resource for the entire family.

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Extended School Year (ESY)

We offer a 30-day extended school year program each summer for students who will experience unacceptable levels of regression during the summer months. During ESY, students have the opportunity to reinforce the previous years work and continue with related services and positive socialization . Extended School Year must be in the IEP in order for a student to be eligible.

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Hands-On Learning

At the turn of the 20th century, philosopher John Dewey wrote extensively about the need for education to have a connection to the world outside the classroom. Hands-on learning gives education a context and demonstrates its importance in life.

It's also a lot of fun!

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