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Half-Day CBL/Transition Option

Ordinarily, this would be a full-day program, however, our half-day CBI/Transition option is geared toward the student who cannot, or will not, attend a full day program. Typically, they are students who have fulfilled all, or most, of the academic requirements for a NJ High School Diploma before their 21st birthday. We help them to develop independent living skills, employment skills, social skills, and other areas that require remediation. The goal is to give them the tools needed to be productive, happy citizens.  

Below is a sample schedule.

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 12.31.16 PM.png

Arrival- Upon arrival participants will be responsible for putting personal items in their assigned locker.


Breakfast Prep- The following examples will rotate:

  • Set up breakfast area

  • Prepare breakfast (cold cereal, yogurt, or Bagel with CC or Butter)

  • Participants will eat breakfast together and engage in guided socialization/social skills training

  • Clean prep area

  • Clean eating area after eating


Group Meeting- All participants will meet with a job coach to review the day’s work schedule and discuss any questions/concerns/observations they have regarding their work assignments. Anyone having a significant issue will meet privately with a counselor.


Individual Schedules & Lunch- Participants will experience each of the following options:

  • Life-Skills based Math and Language Arts*

  • Be transported to a worksite in the community

  • Accompany staff and fellow participants to a community site to learn about available resources**

  • Earn money to work at school doing maintenance, light repair work, office skills, teacher assistance


Return to school- Prepare to leave, socialization- Guided socialization aimed at increasing social skills and processing the day.


*Examples include comparison shopping, simple and compound interest, banking, budgeting, resume and letter writing, etc.


** Examples include police, fire, EMT, libraries, farmer’s markets, leisure activities, ID obtainment, etc.

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